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Caledonian Bird Surveyors was founded by Aidan Maccormick. Since graduating from Glasgow University in 2001 he has worked on a range of scientific and conservation projects working with birds. Aidan returned to the UK in 2009 after working on a two-year Darwin Initiative grant to carryout a national biodiversity survey of Bolivia, conducting behavioural studies of bird song in Ecuador and training biologists to monitor biodiversity of a proposed national park in Central Asia. Since then he has worked as a freelance ecological consultant on a range of bird projects, specialising in bird surveys for renewable energy and infrastructure development proposals before setting up Caledonian Bird Surveyors.

When not working Aidan can be found exploring the remoter parts of the globe with his camera and writing articles for photographic magazines.

Caledonian Bird Surveyors work with a network of knowledgeable and experienced ornithologists to deliver professional bird surveys across Scotland. Please see out services page to look at a few examples of our recent work.

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