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Baseline bird surveys for proposed developments

Caledonian Bird Surveyors provide high quality baseline ornithological surveys and reporting for any size of proposed renewable and infrastructure development. We also undertake bird surveys for agricultural clients applying for the rural priorities basic payment scheme. We have extensive experience of conducting a wide range of survey methods including; vantage point surveys, breeding (Brown & Shepherd, CBC etc), wintering and migratory bird surveys, as well as a whole suite of single-species surveys. This is especially the case for protected species requiring a Schedule 1 Licence such as barn owl, red-throated and black throated divers, hen harrier etc.

Monitoring & clerk of works services

We deliver detailed bird monitoring and surveys for construction and post-construction phases of site development. We are able to provide ornithological clerk of work services during construction such as pre-construction checks for nesting birds, general bird surveys and advice and monitoring of protected bird species on site. In addition, Caledonian Bird Surveyors also carry out annual bird surveys for sites requiring post-construction monitoring.


Caledonian Bird Surveyors have extensive experience of conducting bird surveys and monitoring projects for birds of conservation concern. From a two-year Darwin Initiative grant to assess the conservation status of the birds of Bolivia, to implementing bird surveys and monitoring for a proposed trans-boundary national park in Central Asia. We are equally happy working closer to home conducting red-throated divers monitoring in Argyll.

Case Studies

We work across Scotland and the UK on a wide range of surveying and monitoring projects. Below are a few examples of our recent work.


Baseline Surveys for Proposed Wind farm – Outer Hebrides

We carried out bird surveys for a proposed 14 turbine community wind farm in north Lewis. During this project we collected breeding bird data over a two-year period for a number of important bird species including black-throated diver, red-throated diver, greenshank, merlin, arctic skua and golden eagle.


Surveys on Agricultural Land for Basic Payment Scheme - Perthshire​

During the summer of 2015 we surveyed over 400ha of mountainous terrain in central Scotland as part of the environmental monitoring requirement for the landowner applying to SGRPID for the basic payment scheme. This required surveying in a remote and difficult area for species such as golden eagle, ptarmigan and dotterel – all of which require a schedule 1 license.​


Regional Survey for a Nationally Important and Protected Species – Argyll

During 2015 we initiated a multi-year monitoring scheme to assess the population of red-throated and black-throated divers present on the Kintyre peninsula in south Argyll. This project covers an area of over 80 potential water bodies and will collect data on location, productivity and potential causes of nest failure.​


Ornithological Clerk of Works and Post Construction Monitoring - Lanarkshire

We worked on the initial construction phase of the 152 turbine Clyde wind farm in southern Scotland carrying out pre-construction nest checks, monitoring of raptors and black grouse leks over the two year period of construction. Since 2013 we have been conducting the post-construction monitoring of the site, covering approximately 50km2 for black grouse and waders. This year we also monitored black-grouse and waders for the adjacent 50 turbine extension area.

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